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Tips for Your Food Industry Resume

Posted on Apr 02 2017

Restaurant employees are a special breed, as they say. Understanding the natural advantages that lend themselves to restaurant employment can help facilitate in your pursuit for a service-industry job. Consider the following points when submitting a resume for a restaurant position.


  • Flexibility and willingness to pick up shifts with a last-minute notice. Showing initiative is a big advantage due to the high turn-over, part-time nature of the restaurant industry.


  • Being a team player is a must. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved with a team effort in the restaurant; if you prefer to work independently, you may find a job in this industry challenging


  • Punctuality is key. Your coworkers and bosses alike will rely on you to show up on time and perform at your best


  • Attention to detail is important part of dining experience. You will be juggling many orders for several patrons while exercising proper time management and steady pacing. Your attention to detail speaks greatly to the quality of your customer service


  • Highlight your leadership skills. Employers would care to know how many people have you supervised, trained, or hired. This will showcase your experience with leadership - even if you’ve had leadership roles outside of the industry


  • Quantify your skills. If you have a consistent tip rate, any claims to “Top Sales,” or other quantifiable acknowledgments, share these figures. Employers love to see what value you can add to their team. If you already have experience in the restaurant industry, make known how many tables or the size of the largest parties you have served at any given time. This helps employers understand your background by comparison to their restaurant’s pace and capacity


  • Always inform about any awards or acknowledgements received for your expertise in service or a particular skill. Show off a little bit. Don’t be afraid to let employers know what you are capable of. While many awards may not have relevance to the job for which you are applying, that you dedicate and exceed yourself can say enough on its own


  • Offer references for anyone who might be able to validate your claims.

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