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Smoke Breaks vs. Cell Phone Breaks: Industry Double Standard?

Posted on Jul 13 2017

It is a common utterance by those who’ve worked in restaurants: “I started smoking just so I could get a break;” and just as frequently, restaurant staff often complain that they may not use their cell phones during their shift. ...

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Keeping Your Cool During Your Patio Shift

Posted on May 17 2017

As the Summer months roll in, and along with them, high temperatures, it is important to always be prepared for working outdoors. Working in a restaurant is hard enough without the extreme outdoor temperatures, but for anyone who has worked a pati...

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Five Tips to a Successful Interview

Posted on Apr 18 2017

Applying for jobs can be an exhausting task, especially since every employer has different application methods. But once you’ve been selected for an interview, it’s pretty safe to assume the following are key points to consider when pr...

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Restaurant Delivery Is Now a Booming Business

Posted on Apr 12 2017

Growth in the restaurant delivery industry is offering more opportunities to drivers and restaurants throughout the country; drivers are offered full autonomy with their work schedule, and delivery is now more affordable for many restaurants. But,...

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Tips for Your Food Industry Resume

Posted on Apr 02 2017

Restaurant employees are a special breed, as they say. Understanding the natural advantages that lend themselves to restaurant employment can help facilitate in your pursuit for a service-industry job. Consider the following points when submitting...

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